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I just joined TTGPosted:

  • Halloween!
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Hey TTG, im a pretty competetive fortnite/pubg player im most likely gonna be found in the off topic forum and gaming also will make appearances in the sb. Its nice to meet everyone and hope to win a gold giveaway or get gifted maybe. Have a good day

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Welcome to TTG man, make sure you've read the rules and if you need any help drop me a message I shall see you in the SB
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  • Winter 2018
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Welcome to the site bro hope you stay active see you around the forums
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Welcome to the site. Hop into the shoutbox and meet the real weebs if you get the chance
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Hey Sav12 welcome to the site, any questions I would recommend the shoutbox and they can probably guide you the right way, have fun and don't get lost.
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Welcome to the site man! Great to see you've already found the shout box as well
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Welcome to the site.
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Welcome to the site man, great community here! Hope you enjoy!
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Welcome to TTG dude.
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Welcome to TTG

Have fun and enjoy your stay
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