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8 whole years on TTGPosted:

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well its been a hell of a god damn ride on this website.... welp lets go for 10 years?

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Mikey (08-28-2018), Xbox (08-28-2018)
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MASSIVE milestone thanks for being loyal and congrats
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Nice one bro, hope to see you at 9!
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Same I remember the mw2 boosting lobby's
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Congrats on 8 years.

See you at 10 before we know it.
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Congratulations on 8 years man, great job!
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Congrats on the 8 years bro, been here just as long!
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Congrats on 8 years bro
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Too bad you aren't active, would be cool to see you around the forums or sb. Congrats on 8 years regardless.
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Congratulations on being a member for 8 years mate, nice to see you oldies still active.
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