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What's the longest gaming sesh you've ever had?Posted:

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I can sadly say that I went for around 70 hours when BF4 had a 200% xp weekend and I grinded the shit out of that game. Man, miss those days.

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I would say 9 Hours probably
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I remember when Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 came out back on November 10th, 2009. That release date couldn't have been more perfect with Veterans day being on the 11th. So naturally school was closed for Veterans day which gave us an opportunity to stay up all night playing MW2. So, my friends and I played MW2 from 6pm to about 9am that next morning. Excluding an hour break we took to grab Sonic at 4am. lol
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Shoot back when I was in middle school/freshman of highschool I was gaming all day everyday lol
Then I finally got a life around sophomore year but still gamed a lil on the side

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Probably about 16 hours on Castle Miner Z, Xbox 360 game
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Mw2 when you had mods. Because I never wanted to lose my kids so I would play nonstop without ever turning my Xbox off.... probably why I got the red ring of death
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Around 10 hours of playing when call of duty was a big thing.
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i would say around 20 hours
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14 hours grinding for diamond on BO2 days
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Can't even remember all the countless hours I put into mw2 over a 6 year period or so. Plenty of all nighters all the way to the nighttime the next day. The good old days when all I had was time on my hands and not as many priorities.
Really miss playing that game. Would probably still be playing it to this day if it wasent flooded with modders and ass holes who just freeze your classes when you don't even say one word to them.
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