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Going to start getting back into TTGPosted:

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Hey there.

I registered around 2 and a half years ago, and I left the site for a bit. Recently considered coming back, and I've made my choice to do so.

But hi. I'm Ryan.

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Welcome back Ryan, hope to see you around!
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Welcome back
Hope to see you staying active this time around
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Welcome back Ryan, make sure you read to rules to refresh your mind of them and enjoy your time being back on TTG. Come join in the shoutbox when you have some time
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I'd like to spend more time on here too, I just dont ever have time with work.

But welcome back man
Hmu if you need anything
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Welcome back man, hopefully we can make you stay this time. Come say hey in the shoutbox!
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Nice to see you make a return mate, see you around.
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Welcome back man! Hope you stay active!
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See you rocking gold, thats a start mang
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What's up ryan, welcome back man!
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