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Anyone have a instagram or snapchat?Posted:

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Does anyone have a instagram or snapchat?? if so how long have you had it? I made one awhile ago and forgot the password lol so now im back on it. Comment below your name and ill follow you.

Insta- TK_Killaa
Snapchat- TK_Killa
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Have both only had em for a few months i already reached my goal on snap which is 100k points and i almost have all trophies
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My SC is MadRavingMikey
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I've had Instagram and Snapchat for about 3 years and I don't ever use Instagram as it's pointless to me but Snapchat I use frequently.
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i use both alot
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Don't really use either one at all, I just use Snapchat for streaks.

Why not follow me?

IG: iowa
SC: cord
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I use both, I send pictures to friends and tell people to get on Xbox through snapchat, but I barely use it anymore.

Instagram I would post pictures of my girl and I and the places we went but I stopped posting on that as well. Social media got super boring to me.
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Never used either i wasnt a big social media person in high school, stuck with same friends mostly, and we mostly were in xbox parties every night so it was pointless
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My ig its chrxxzz
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ig - Deleration
this ig is new

snap - aeondrops
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