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Gold Giveaway , ends in 24 hoursPosted:

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You can nominate yourself or you can nominate someone for gold.

How to enter
- If your nominating yourself , just comment

- Nominate someone , why they deserve gold.

My time is AEST

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He seems like a nice & helpful guy!
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I'll enter in this Thanks
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I'll enter my man!
Really appreciate the chance!
Good luck to all who enter!

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I'll enter thank you.
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I'd like to enter! Thanks!
Good luck to all that enter!
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I nominate TastyCereal because he only has a few weeks of gold left and is a super nice guy.
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Count me in bro:)

Good luck everyone else!
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Enter me in mukka

Cheers for doing this
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I'll enter into this because why not.

Thanks for this giveaway bud.
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