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SIM0N | 9 Years TTG | Oldie | its happening! |Posted:

  • Winter 2018
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Well i'm not getting any younger and i'm still here! haha

I've been here long enough to see loads of people come and go. Been with the site through the drama and have seen it come a long way and thrive.

I must admit I miss the days on the Xbox 360 where modded zombies and modded lobbies were cool but all good things must come to an end I suppose.

Thank You to all the people who I have met on TTG over the years and to the ones who have helped me and even just been a good friend.

Heres a video of me from black ops 1 that is apparently still on youtube

I used to play competitve cod and used to be really good beating people like parasite and nadeshot

If you want to reach back out please just message me and get in touch and perhaps snapchat me or something lol. I'll be in the shoutbox from time to time as well.

I welcome all the newer TTG members to hit me up. Maybe in the summer I will have the chance to be reintroduced to the Xbox One lifestyle lol.

It been a good ride here guys.

Till next time.

- Simon (SYE OwnZz)

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good old bo1 SnD spawn camping. The good old cod days. Congrats man!
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Bo1 SnD...dam good'ol days. Congrats on the 9 bro, that's awesome!
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well done on 9 years bud
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9 years man that's crazy! Keep up the good work man and I'll see you around!
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Congratulations on 9 years Simon.

That is a long time to be apart of a community.

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Congrats on 9 years you're in fact a oldie
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Congratulations on 9 years old guy lol
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Those spawn kills where awesome lmao, congrats on 9 years member
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The great old original cod days!

Congrats on 9 long years bud!
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