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Would you recommended an upgrade to my system or no?Posted:

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Here are my computer specs

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As you can see I have triple monitors and my graphics card only has two display ports so i`m unable to
get 144hz on the 3rd as im using a HDMI to displayport adapter. I do not really mind this as i only use that monitor for videos or internet surfing.

Games I play

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+Destiny 2 but for some reason the devs will not give it a desktop shortcut.

Games like League, Dota, CSGO I get around 200 - 400 FPS fully maxed out 1080P.
Games like destiny maxed out to 1080P i get 70fps on.
Games like rust i run medium graphics and get 100FPS

Do you think it would be worth to upgrade my PC this year or wait till next year, and what would be the best thing or things for me to upgrade in my PC?
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In my opinion, I would upgrade the processor to an i7-8700k just to future proof. But if you do so, you'll have to upgrade the motherboard and RAM. Recommended DDR4 RAM speed is 3200Mhz, just because anything faster than that is overkill, unless you're rendering videos and such. Also you can probably buy another GTX 970 for $300 or so and run SLI so you can take advantage of that third monitor.
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I see that COD4 shortcut. Lemme know if you want to play.

I'd honestly drop some cash into a new GPU. The 4790k is still a valid CPU in my eyes and should do you for atleast another couple of years.
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