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League of Legends Patch 8.6:Rune Nerfs, Rakan BuffsPosted:

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The changes coming in the next League of Legends patch following Patch 8.5 were previewed to include nerfs to a popular Sorcery rune and changes to several champions including buffs for Rakan.

Patch 8.5 isn't out yet, but now that it's nearing time for its release, Riot Games is ready to start previewing what'll be changing in the next patch. Those changes will hit the PBE first through for players to preview the buffs in nerfs, but ahead of that release, Riot Meddler has revealed some of what Riot hopes to accomplish in the patch after next.

"We've just finished working on 8.5 and are mapping out things we'll be looking at for 8.6," Riot Meddler said. "Some of our current thinking below, as usual stuff will get added or removed as patch development goes on."

Read on to see what Riot has planned for runes, items, and champions as well as some larger work for two mages.

Slide 1/4 - Items
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As far as the items go, some options appear on the list of potential changes that have already been previewed in the past. Jungle items have been a constant topic of discussion recently with Tracker's Knife being removed and mana changes looking to help out mana-hungry junglers along with Duskblade nerfs already being a known change in the upcoming patch. Locket of the Iron Solari is also being looked at as well, an item that may be getting a new active effect, but other changes that were previously unseen were also previewed.

  • Jungle items - Two potential changes. First is changing sustain so it's more missing health/mana based. Goal there is to make early ganks a bit riskier like they used to be a couple of seasons back (not ganking at or close to full health, so more chance of a turn around). Would also potentially help out those unable to clear at present because they're so mana limited. Second change is lowering early clear speed a bit as well, push first gank times back a bit later in the game again.
  • Abyssal Mask - Potentially pushing it more towards just tankier users. Magic damage dealers taking it to both nullify opponent lane damage and still get sufficient personal damage hasn't generally created good gameplay.
  • Duskblade - Nerfing it.
  • Locket - Some investigations into ways to make Locket less consistent and less universal a purchase. More exploratory, so possible nothing ships in 8.6.
  • Rageblade - Looking to make it more accessible to melee, potentially also less of a first item power spike and more tied to other item power.

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As for the champions that'll be changed, some of the already previewed buffs coming for Lee Sin and Duskblade users were discussed among other changes for Rakan and Rumble.

The new Rumble buffs have yet to be detailed, but Rakan's received a bit more explanation. Duskblade users should also be getting some compensation buffs to make up for the nerfs the item will receive, though those buffs haven't been explained in detail either.

  • Rakan - Looking to buff. We're also fixing a bug between him and Xayah that leads to his performance with Xayah being much, much better than with anyone else. After that bug fix he'll be weaker when paired with Xayah, so a buff even in that case should be good too.
  • Rumble - Some form of buff, details TBD.
  • Lee Sin - Got hit a bit by Tracker's removal and had already been a bit weak before that. Buffing, details unsure.
  • Some Duskblade Users - We'll have some buffs to a number of champs who are pretty dependent on Duskblade at present and we expect will be too weak post Duskblade nerf.

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Worth separating from the champions section is the work that's coming for Ahri and LeBlanc at the time Patch 8.6 releases.

Throughout the past week and earlier patches, changes for these two champions have been previewed by Rioters. LeBlanc is a champ that's been known to have changes incoming, though those changes won't likely be going live in Patch 8.6, according to Riot Meddler. Ahri's adjustments are still being worked on and should be observed on the PBE prior to Patch 8.6's release.

  • LeBlanc - Changes will be on PBE during the 8.6 cycle from day 1, probably ship in a later patch though. Changes revert the majority of the previous update.
  • Ahri - Might have changes in 8.6 (testing, but not certain to ship). Still looking for ways to make her highs higher and her lows lower (does more when ahead, does less when behind)

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Finally, changes for just two runes were previewed for Patch 8.6, one of those runes found in the Sorcery rune path and the other found among Precision runes.

The two runes that'll be looked at are Manaflow Band and Presence of Mind. Manaflow Band is a go-to option for mages who are looking for a bit more mana in lane while Presence of Mind has found a niche fit in certain spell-slinging champions. Likely due to the widespread use of Manaflow Band, the Sorcery rune is getting nerfed while Presence of Mind will instead be buffed. However, champions that use it most often like Kassadin and Aurelion Sol may be impacted by plans to affect users who are already strong users of the rune.

  • Manaflow Band - Nerfing, details TBD.
  • Presence of Mind - Looking to change it so it's a reasonable choice on a wider number of champions. Then probably nerfing it for its current best case users, on whom its very strong already.

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Sounds like to be a decent patch update, haven't played this game for a while, might just have to get back into it.
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