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  • E3 2018
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Hello, I'm TTG_Joel the veterans on here will know me from a stupid video I made years ago ( I don't need reminding of ). Others who don't know me, you can know me as Joel/Fitbit.

Times have now moved on and we all mature. I know I did a little introduction a year or so ago, but hopefully this time I can stick around due to finishing off courses, family setting up there own business and securing myself a full-time professional job. Hopefully I will be able to be active in evenings and on weekends, saying hello in the shoutbox and no doubt posting in the forums.

Anyway, I noticed I have recently accumulated 2,000 post. It would possibly be much more if didn't get my lengthy ban for being an idiot. But aye onwards and upwards. I also reached my 7th birthday in January, believe me it had flown by.

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Congrats on 2k posts dude, really hope to see you come active again!
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Cont gratz on 2k posts man, Im nearing 1k myself
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Congrats on 7 years on TeeTeeGee and Congrats on 2000 posts
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Thanks for being an active member for 7 years mate, 2k posts is alot to be proud of that number for sure. Hope to see you around for 8 years man.
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Congrats on 2k Bro !
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Congrats on 7 years and the 2k posts bro!
Hope to see you around more
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Congrats on reaching 2k posts and 7 years here on TTG.
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Congrats on 7 long years and 2,000 posts.

I just reached 7 myself last month.
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  • Winter 2018
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Congrats on 7 years and 2k man
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