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It finally happened...Posted:

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After 3 years of being on this site I have gotten 1,000 posts. I lost my account info until 3 months ago. I had 15 posts now look at me lol. I had a account that I can't no longer get information from. I_MAKE_IT_RAIN rip I know I'll never get you back. Thank you everyone for letting me get this far. Have a good day

Thanks List: EVERYONE

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Decy (03-04-2018), Xbox (03-04-2018), Mikey (03-03-2018), Mooneye (03-02-2018), BorutoUzumaki (03-02-2018), KyloCrux (03-02-2018), JTHM (03-02-2018)
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Congrats on 1k posts man!
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Well congratulations dude, good to see you have become such an active user. See you at 2,000.
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haha! Congrats on 1,000 posts dude! Big milestone for sure!
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Nice job on 1k posts I'll be there one day
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That's awesome man! I got my first 500 hundred in 1 month, but I've slowed down a bit. But congratulations man! I hope to hit 1K in the upcoming year.
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Congrats on your new badge my friend!

See you at 5k Undisputed!
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Congrats on 1k post
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Congratulations on achieving 1000 posts man, and congratulations on that new badge also. See you at your next milestone, maybe 200 rep?
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hooray on 1k posts bud
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