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What is the best pc gaming headset?Posted:

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My mic is getting old and I'm looking for durable good headset. With good sound to hear footsteps and good bass. I play action games and need to hear the best so can! Please drop suggestions below
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I would say Astro a40's or a50's
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Hyper x Clouds
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I own Astro A 40's and I would suggest astros, there the best imo.
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You could always go the route of getting a decent pair of headphones and then getting a ModMic.

Will be better than most of the "gaming" headsets that you can buy.
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honestly it doesn't really matter, hyper x or Logitech are the brands I would recommend. Just watch pro gamers on twitch and see what they use. It is usually in their about me section
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I have astro a50's. They are amazing and on PC you can customize the bass and background noise to whatever setting you like. Check out a video of it. You won't be dissapointed
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A50's bro
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