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All Time High / February 2018Posted:

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Hello guys, not sure on why im even making this topic since its really nothing. But, here to say im the new All Time High badge holder under the News Comments category. Would say this was an easy task but time worthy, and so boring as butts. Congratulations to the other 2 new Badge holders this month and best of luck to whoever tries to top my record. Already know Ninja and Craig are up for competition so best of luck to either or. Im excited to see what else is to come for me on this site, hopefully all positives! Anyways, Thanks guys!

Small Thanks List:


Only the few will get it.
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I've known you for many years and it's been amazing getting to know you through out it all. You're an amazing member and a great friend, good luck on your site endeavours and carry on being an all around great dude!

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Congratulations on achieving AllTimeHigh, and congratulations on having 22 badges, I think you gonna hold that record for news a while as if anyone else goes for it is more than likely to get banned lol, but I and TheTechGame thank you for your high quality posts. Big warm welcome to the ATH club bro. Maybe soon you get that 23rd badge one day Thanked and repped +600 and gifted gold.
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Great to see another guy get ATH.

Congrats man!
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Congrats Tom on your new badge!!
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Congrats on ATH keep stacking those milestones.
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Congratulations on the badge man I can't see anyone passing your record anytime soon the badge looks great on you.
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Congratulations on the All Time High badge, Tom!

Props to you for the commitment.

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Congratulations on such an awesome achievement man, I for one know how difficult it really is. So big celebration for you my man. Also, feels good being on a thank list (unless it was for the original ninja) haha
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Congratulations bro!! You have been making those comments like crazy the month! Well deserved. And thanks for the shoutout <3
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