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Flesh, Teeth and otherPosted:

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Watch the game trailer Agony and wanted to draw some things that mite work well with the hellish world of agony.

- Feedback is appreciated -

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You're talented.

Amazing work.

Keep it up
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These are really random and weird asf looking lol, but they are in fact very good drawings.
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Remind me of terraria lol. They look sick.
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Pretty good drawings, talented!
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They are creepy looking but neat I suppose.

Way better than anything I could doodle up.
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They are cool, would love to see you mess with colouring and digital art
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Love the way they look.

You're great at drawing! Now, I think you should take it to the next level and add shadows, highlights, colors, etc. (merely my opinion).
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Nice drawings man. Very random like Mikey said but overall they are eye catching!
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