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Samsung's Galaxy S9 Is Looking ImpressivePosted:

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Mobile World Congress is going down in Barcelona, Spain right now! If you're clueless about what that is just know that MWC is an annual event celebrating all things smartphone. It's basically the E3 of smartphones. It's where we get a lot of major announcements for upcoming products.

Today Samsung revealed their next flagship phone. The Galaxy S9. Admittedly this phone was not even on my radar, but after viewing the reveal trailer I might have to take a better look. They've really done a lot to improve their camera. The low light shots look great and having the option to shoot at 960fps would be amazing! That's not all that's new either.

Check out the trailer below!

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the Phone looks so amazing actually!
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I seen the launch video earlier.

Pretty impressed for not being a complete fan of Samsung.
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Looking to switch to android in the near future and this might be the phone I switch to.
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From a camera perspective it looks amazing. But as someone that wants an overall great phone not a phone that does one thing amazingly. I dont think I'll leave my Pixel 2 XL for this one.

Also what are the rumored starting prices? I wasn't able to find a definitive source.
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I got the plus edition of this phone and couple find a better phone every I think my girlfriends mom has the not 9 + and that's the only grade above the so I think so far cant wait to see the next of the s version that they unleash on the market
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I'm currently still rocking with the Samsung Galaxy s7 but I can not wait to upgrade to the new Samsung Galaxy s9, it has alot more processing power and alot more features then a s7
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The phone without a doubt looks beautiful, and a solid device. I was considering getting it last month as I was due an upgrade, but I couldn't say bye to my iPhone lol. Ended up getting the new iPhone XS Max in gold.
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Its a fast phone, and I love the edges and the pen with it
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