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New member ~ AustraliaPosted:

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Used the site every few days. Decided to finally sign up. By every few days I mean I've been searching and reading gaming content on here since 2012.

Probably not considered long in the eyes of some of the TTG Veterans here, but thanks for the useful community! I'll be around every now and then.

From Australia (Final Year of High school - Studying Business and Tech (Useless at Business)).

The Following 10 Users Say Thank You to -69 For This Useful Post:

JoeI (03-22-2018), Xbox (03-04-2018), Fero (02-26-2018), Godzilla (02-26-2018), Nodus (02-25-2018), Horfield121 (02-25-2018), Hong (02-25-2018), Mikey (02-25-2018), Mooneye (02-25-2018), KyloCrux (02-25-2018)
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Welcome to the site, check out the rules and then get posting.

Don't be afraid to come and say hello in the shoutbox!
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Hey buddy. Welcome to TTG, if you have any questions, feel free to PM me
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Welcome to ttg man
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Welcome to TTG man!

Hope to see you active around the forums!
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Welcome to the site! hope you enjoy your stay, hope to see you around!
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Just gifted you gold man, so you can now enjoy the gold forums found here be sure to look out for those dank giveaways and win some games, consoles if you're lucky enough. So happy you finally decided to make an account, and I just know you gonna love this community because it really is the best gaming community on the net in my opinion. Why not pop into our chat room known as the Shoutbox found here I am always in there just waiting for new members to come talk to me. If you have any questions please send me a PM and ill help you out. See you around mate.
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welcome to the tech game man!
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Welcome to the site man!
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Welcome to the site , Hope to see you around the forums and come hang in the shoutbox with us
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