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WW2 Zombies | Worst of the Cod SeriesPosted:

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I really don't get some of the story line for this game, I'm upset with the fact that non- of it looks or feels like NaZi Zombies. It's terrible. The Multiplayer is not too bad, but some of it is too hard to play , and does not give you a call of duty zombies experience like BO3, or BO2 zombies did. Nothing will beat Black Ops 3 zombies until Black Ops 4 comes out .

But here are some of the reasons why:

Terriable Graphics,
You really can't train zombies in this game YUNO
and much more

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Because its SHG, its not the people who worked on zombies in the past, they did extinction if i recall. the zombies this year wasn't for high rounds or replayability, they purely wanted horror and jumpscares, it did it for me the first time i played alone, but after the first 10 times, its pretty repetitive.

i don't really like ww2, i went back to bo3, the campaign was great, i had a ton of fun. the online is just grainy, the maps are unattractive and the guns are dull. if i wanted a world war experience, id just play battlefield, that game did it right.

They tried too hard to cater to everyone like overwatch did. with the whole, female solder, red dot sight, quickscoping.

Truth is, you can't please everyone, if you try and do that, you get Cod: WW2.
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Wasn't really too hyped for it, only played it like 3-4 times and didn't really enjoy it tbh

Treyarch will hopefully make a new one this year ;)
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Mei wroteBecause its SHG, its not the people who worked on zombies in the past, they did extinction if i recall.

Extinction was Infinity Ward with Ghosts. SHG had zombies in Advanced Warfare, but the zombies had jetpacks. I think the main guys in SHG made Dead Space, and they tried to bring that feel into WWII. I don't know if they succeeded though because I don't like zombie (almost) anything.
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Honestly, I sort of have mixed emotions on this years' zombies. It can be good, and it can be bad. I don't think it can compare to Treyarch zombies, though.
That is just setting too high of a bar. In my opinion, my favorite zombies was BO2. The story, the maps,
the EE, it was just amazing. Besides Moon on BO1. But, as far as WW2, I feel like they put time into making it horrific, and harder. And to me, they got what they intended.

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I'm not really a fan of WW2 at all, some people really like it, I thought I would enjoy this one but really I wouldn't say this game is that great I even sold the game about a month ago because I was bored of it.
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The Mutiplayer isn't bad it can get boring very quickly though or its just me probably. I don't have a problem with zombies however i do feel like its too easy imo compared to the last COD zombies. As for the graphics they look fine to me.
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Biwwy wroteHaven't played the WW2 Zombies yet so can't really say my opinion on it.

Waiting to try them out. Hopefully I don't get un-impressed.

Exactly, you haven't played it so don't comment lmao post count grind is real

I don't enjoy playing any COD Zombies that isn't Treyarch made. I think the other producers should have stay original like they did with Extinction. Not just rip something good and try make it their own. It doesn't work
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I completely agree with you it doesn't feel like Nazi zombies at all, nothing will beat zombie Chronicles on Black Ops 3. We need treyarch back...
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I didn't like it either. But then again, I'm not a major fan of zombies anyway unless you have a group of 4 and you're all bored..
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