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PUBGReddit Community; Custom Games, LFG and morePosted:

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Want to play some of the best PUBG Custom games ever created in the history of PUBG?
Tired of queuing with randoms? Use our LFG channels! Super easy and super quick to find members to play with.
We have so much more too!

You probably want to join the PUBG Reddit Discord/Community
We have one of the biggest gaming communities around; with over 450,000 reddit subscribers and 76,000+ Discord Members!

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We livestream all our custom games on our Twitch channel so you can watch yourself die

So, you've joined the Discord, what do?
Read #rules and #welcome
Assign yourself the Custom role in #welcome
Head to #custom-games and check the schedule, you can also vote on the upcoming games when they're live.
Find a squad for customs in #custom-chat-lfg

We host custom-standard modes like Sniper only, pistols only, crossbows and nades only etc.
We also host non-standard custom modes like Death Races, Hospital Assault and Bridge Defense, these are mainly 50v50 modes and are super fun (and laggy).
I've been working on a new custom mode for Miramar (New map), similar to our famous Death Race on Erangel.

We may have some games on in the next couple hours or Friday. Should be good fun, come joins us <3

edit; dear mods, I spoke to cent and scizor and they said it's fine to post

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hey man, i never knew u were reddit famous and u love pubg its really cool and a really good game! maybe one day you can moderate ttg like you moderate reddit cant wait to join in on your custom games
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Missed you this time mate, but ive just followed you, ShowTimeMikey is my Twitch if you wanna follow me back would be hella awesome.

Ill be sure to catch you at your next stream mate, would love to see another PUBG stream.
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A PUBG Community is a great idea Polygon.

Some people will really enjoy this!
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