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What would you do with a $1,000,000?Posted:

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What would you do with a $1,000,000?

I would buy my own house, car, and then put money into a store like franchise a Subway or something. Save and help family out with the rest.

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I'd buy a house for my pets
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Pay my house off, Help my family , and put the the rest towards the side for my future
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Sort my life out then splash out on hookers and narcotics then go back to a normal life.
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Help out mum and sisters, new car and pay off parents house, buy a house, spoil girlfriend and get myself some decent gaming setups
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Sounds really sad but buy the best gaming setup ever.
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Tbh, Go out and help some homeless people, I see homeless people on the streets here in Dublin and I get upset because the government doesn't care who's homeless, even if it's a child or woman. I'd build like a shelter or something to help people and make sure people go to rehab for drugs or alcohol and try help them with getting a job. Also donate to some charities and help funding for the communist party of Ireland

Is it bad I want a **** load of cheeseburgers as well????
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Gam wroteSounds really sad but buy the best gaming setup ever.

not sad when you got the money to do it

id buy a E23, supe it up and ya.

use the rest to try and buy some friends
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(Not including paying off things)
1. Buy my dream car, 2003 Terminator Cobra (about $17,000)
2. Buy my wife her dream car, 2017 Corvette Z06
(About $50,000)
3. Build My Dream House w/ Lake (about $350,000)
4. Get a business class internet connection (not sure on price)
5. Get the Orion X Gaming Computer w/ top of the line monitors & equipment ($40,000)
6. Stock up on fishing gear ($10,000)
7. Buy more guns ($20,000)
8. Donate to Charity ($100,000)
9. Invest ($250,000)
10. Do some pretty sweet giveaways for the TTG Community ($75,000)
Total Spent: $912,000.
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BUild a house with a pub for the lads
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