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Should I Upgrade To The IPhone X?Posted:

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Currently have the IPhone 7+ On Contract But since im getting a new job im thinking of Upgrading.

Is the Iphone X worth the upgrade or Not?
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Depends if you have spare cash mate, all honesty i dont think its worth the extra money, like theres only been a few changes, also i have heard peoples Iphone X's breaking because of the cold weather, but i dont know if this is true or not. I have the Iphone 7 + nothing wrong with it, but i will not be upgrading this year. But as i said if you having the money then yeah why not go for it and sell the Iphone 7 maybe, or even keep it as a spare.
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maybe if you sold the 7 and used that money plus a little more but its just not really worth it because theres not any major changes worth a few extra hundred dollars
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No dont upgrade the iphone x to small & looking like an android
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I thought about the X but didn't see too many major changes to see me fork out $200 more for the X than the 8+ so I got the 8. If you see any changes that you have to have than that would make it worth it
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I would say you should upgrade to the iPhone X. I've had the phone since launch and I love the phone. Face ID works well now after the first months of launch. The hand gestures are smooth and are a little difficult to learn. The bad thing about it is when watching videos in full-screen mode it zooms in the video making it hard to see the hud bar for some video games.
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Do it. Or a IPhone 7 Plus. Love those
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iPhone X looks Sick AF I Would Get It
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