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What's the last thing you purchased?Posted:

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What was the last thing you purchased?

Last thing I purchased was gold last night that I gifted

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  • 2 Million
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the last thing I purchased was, if you don't consider buying a drink at the shop. It was a Xbox One X Scorpio Edition
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  • Christmas!
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Snacks at the gas station
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Ten dollars worth of gas
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  • E3 2016
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I impulse bought a Nintendo Switch.

Coming from someone who has never been a Nintendo fan, it's one of the best purchases I have made in a long time.
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New insulated jacket
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  • Christmas!
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Gas and some KFC
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  • Blind Luck
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Food for my lunch at college
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  • Halloween!
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dragon fly vitamin water
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  • Winner!
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I bought an Under Armour Beanie and a Berghaus Jacket.
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