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What's on your bucket listPosted:

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What's on your bucket list?

A bucket list is a list of activities you want to do before you die

Mine are as follows:

Swim with sharks
Sky dive
Drive a Ferrari
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i would like to travel around the world before i die.

As well as just be happy and live life to the fullest.
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Well I would like to have loads of money lol I would also love to travel!
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I would like to go to another country one day, don't know which one yet.
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The biggest thing on my bucket list would be to travel the world, either on my own or with someone.
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Bucket list

1. Own a Cr500r 2 stroke

2. Roll a oz Joinh

3. Go sky diving

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I have a few things on my bucket list:
Sky dive
Zip line across the Grand Canyon
Travel to Haiti to help build their community
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My bucket list would be...

Traveling the world with friends
Driving any sort of high-end car
I guess just living a good life then, without regrets?
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