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What are some good cheap mods for my first car?Posted:

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I have a 2000 Ford Taurus. Its my first car and I wanna do some upgrades to it. Its in pretty good condition and only has 40,000 miles on it. Im just wondering about mods and upgrades under $1000. Thanks.
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Lower, Tints, Alloys.
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Visxal wroteLower, Tints, Alloys.

You were so close too!

Lift, alloys, mud tires, grill guard.

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Under $1000?? wtf are you modifying if you call that cheap?

Cheap mods would be like upgraded light bulbs and some interior accessories.
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Don't know about mods ! But you could get Tint, stero system, Nice rims , and some halo lights
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for under $1000 you could install a head unit, and install a subwoofer in your boot if you like bass there dirt cheap, could also put some nicer rims on it.also giving the windows some tint would make it look clean, other than that their really isn't much more you could do to it with that type of car.
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Rims, tints, stereo kits? Maybe a new exhaust
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