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Looking into buying a laptopPosted:

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Hey ya'll. So i have been using my macbook for quite sometime as a everyday couch user and i cant stand mac although i use iphone i still cant stand mac. Well i was browsing cosco yesterday and i seen the Asus ROG GL753 17.3inch laptop and it sparked my interested. Cosco was asking $1,199. Here are its Insides

CPU: Intel I7-7700HQ
16GB DDR4 Ram
GPU: 4GB GDDR5 Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 Ti (Which im kind of worried about because i would want to play top end games)

i am wanting to play top end games on max settings if not max close to max and idk if this GPU is good enough. In my Desktop i run a GTX 1080 ti right now. i know i will be paying more then 1,200 for a Laptop to have that in it. But anyways im looking for your guys recommendations also i will let you all know what i will be using the laptop for.

What i will be using the Laptop for?

I use my laptop in my lap on my couch in the living room mainly but if i had a good windows laptop i would love to play games on it as well. So im looking for somthing that is a pretty solid gaming rig as well as a good work station. I was wanting to spend around 1,200 but let me know what your guys recommendations. I dont mind spending more if i get a big performance difference. Whats the best bang for your buck laptop out right now?

Will Be Plus Rep for anyone that gives me valuable information
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Id try these forums out, might get a better and more helpful reply


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1050ti can play plenty of games at mid-high settings
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