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Players kneeling for the flagPosted:

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What good does it do to kneel for the flag? There have been a few different opinions from these NFL players as to why they decide to kneel, however what is it doing? You're not solving anything, you're not starting a movement, you're not try to repeal / add laws, all you're doing is disrespecting those who gave their life for this country. Sure they fought for your first amendment right so you could kneel for the flag, but your point isn't getting across. To the rest of us we see a group of snobby childish men out there disrespecting this country and the men and women who fought for it. Stand up for the flag and take your political BS out of the game. If you want to make a change, do it. Kneeling for the flag will not make a change.
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The protest has nothing to do with the flag. Rosa Parks wasn't protesting a bus.


What does the flag represent if it isn't freedom? You're telling me that soldiers fought and died for a piece of cloth and not the freedoms it was originally supposed to represent?
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I have no idea whats going down in the US, is trump being racist again? ;o
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It was something to get attention. It was a way for the players to show that they were a voice against injustice. Well, this was until Trump opened his mouth, then it just became about unifying against his message. I think the message got deluded because of that, but I'm not against it. Not sure how it is disrespectful when Colin Kaepernick took a veteran's, Nate Boyer, advice to kneel instead of just sitting. I have seen zero disrespect towards veterans coming out of this. If it was the case, I still don't see where a conversation is really needed. They have the right and are affecting no one else's right to stand. Seems like something one could easily ignore if they wanted to.

I don't understand asking people to take the politics out of the game. I mean, game hasn't started yet, and sports have almost always had politics in it. Also, I'd argue that the anthem is, in itself, political. Military is a huge political conversation. When you promote them, you are placing politics in it. It just seems like military propaganda to have it in a business that has nothing to do with the military, especially considering the Pentagon pays the NFL to do it. What does the military and the anthem have to do with football? When were these things needed for entertainment and games? We don't play it before movies. Just the one form of entertainment. Honestly, I'd argue to remove the anthem from the NFL before I would anything else. It would solve the "politics in sports" problem that people have.

Also not sure where the disrespect comes in at all of a sudden. People have been disrespecting the flag yet everyone calls it patriotic. You got the wearing apparel with flags printed on them. You have the NFL carrying the flag horizontally. You have people using the flag in advertisements. All of these things are literally in the flag code as being disrespectful, but no one ever gets upset at these. Personally, I am fine with all of it. It should all be covered by the first amendment. I'm just confused about the outrage now when these things have been happening.

I just can't be against the kneeling players. I know there are veterans against it, but I have also seen many veterans either against it but respect the right to do it or totally for it and support the movement. Personally, I support the side of promoting racial equality and justice with a peaceful protest over the side that feels that they are disrespected even though the players have said that they do respect them.
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"You're not solving anything, you're not starting a movement" but you're talking about it? Isn't that how a movement starts.

**** this line ("all you're doing is disrespecting those who gave their life for this country.") it's just a way to guilt trip people into dropping discussion whenever there's problems in your country it happens in the UK too.

get over the fact they're kneeling and look into why.
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There's a forum for this Forums/f=168/sports-forum.html

Here's a topic that's already been made Forums/t=7726407/got-an-opinion-o...-knee.html
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best way to become relevant in 2017 is to be an sjw
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Dbz wrotebest way to become relevant in 2017 is to be an sjw

Yes, because NFL players who get paid wild amounts of money would take a stance which is extremely unpopular and risk being fired just to become even more relevant.
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Just give everyone some chicken and life will be a o k
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