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Hackers infected over 2 million anti-virus software usersPosted:

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I just seen this and thought I'll let you guys know so if anyone uses this software.

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avg ftw
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This is why I don't use any. Windows Defender is more then adequate for most people.
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CCleaner is horrible anyway.

Like said above, Windows Defender is awesome for being a free product.

AVG sucks ass
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If anyone thinks that using CCleaner is the same as having actually anti-virus then they are horribly wrong.

Since CCleaner is just a glorified way of getting all your Windows cleaning utilities in one place, it provides no sort of anti-virus protection.
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CC Cleaner is fairly good for removing unwanted files and invalid Windows Registry entries from a computer. It can detect and clean up duplicated files in the computer. (which is pretty useful for old people and their downloads folder ) Other than that, it's pretty useless. Most of the systems infected through this attack were Windows 32-bit computers.
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thats why i tell people ccleaner sucks
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