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Snow is now Undisputed!Posted:

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So it's been a while since i posted a milestone but here i am! I have finally hit 5,000 posts. Motivation came from the leader boards to be honest, never have i ever thought i would post near 500 times in 4 days, it blows my mind.

I'm not that good at thanking people so S/O to the following
SB Regulars
Friends List

Here are some words from saki
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The Following 14 Users Say Thank You to Fox For This Useful Post:

dah (09-04-2017), Kyle (09-04-2017), rickyross (09-04-2017), prodigy (09-03-2017), Chris (09-03-2017), Xbox (09-03-2017), Zesri (09-03-2017), Mikey (09-03-2017), Yamborghini (09-03-2017), Mortar (09-03-2017), Lily (09-03-2017), Nodus (09-03-2017), Saki (09-03-2017), Mickers (09-03-2017)
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You insane guy,

Congrats and let the spamming carry on.
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Congratulations on spamming Good luck in this months race against Mikey Make the weebs proud.
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Congrats on 5K! At least now your name has no I's instead of L's. You're 50% to 10K Elite now.
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grats on 5k curv lad
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Looky looky here we have a spammer, grats on the 5k spams my friend I am really enjoying going up against you In the leaderboards,
you are giving me a run for my money, so you might even win this month.
Who am i kidding you don't stand a chance aginst me

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Congrats on 5,000 posts.

Still weak though.


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Oh wow congratulations snow, keep the good work up!
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Woah grats on 5k man keep it up
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I'll gift you 12 months of Gold at the end of the month if you're ahead of Mikey.

There's some motivation, now keep going.
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