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Pokemon Go Files Reveal Exciting Changes To New LegendariesPosted:

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Pokemon Go has recently received a new update fixing a few bug issues, as well as the introduction of [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] as raid bosses. In the usual investigative spirit of the Pokemon community, a peek into the code for the game has already revealed two exciting changes for the new Legendaries.

The team at Pokemon Go Hub found new Legendary beast icons in the games back end, revealing shiny variants for the Pokemon. Shiny versions don't offer power boosts or stat changes, but are extremely rare in the Pokemon world, making them top priority for collectors. Reddit users also shared a handy chart of the assets, with the top row showing off the typical look for the beasts and the bottom being the color-swapped versions.

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Its unclear when the shiny versions will begin appearing in-game, but the process is at least farther along than the last set of Legendaries. Niantic caused an uproar in the community by using the [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] instead of its normal coloring, causing many to believe they had the rarer version of the Electric bird. On top of Niantic's strange oversight, no shiny assets for Zapdos or the other birds were even in the back end.

Another exciting discovery in the games files gives new hope to the most disappointing beast of the three. While both Raikou and Entei have pure move sets that match their elemental typing, meaning Raikou only learns Electric-type moves and Entei only Fire-type, Suicune as a Water-type can learn Psychic and Water moves. Before the release of the beasts, the back end revealed Suicune could learn the Psychic move Extrasensory and Dark move Snarl, but according to the data miners, Niantic quietly changed Snarl to the move Hidden Power.

Players of the main video game series will recognize Hidden Power for its strange ability to change its typing depending on the power of the Pokemon using it. In Pokemon Go, there doesn't seem to be a determining factor of what typing Hidden Power will be, which means Suicune has the potential to be a fantastic counter in raid battles. For example, trainers using the obvious choice of an Electric-type to take down the Water-type Suicune could encounter one with a Ground-type Hidden Power. This will deal massive damage to Electric Pokemon, making Suicune and its move sets much more interesting and viable than previously expected. Niantic most likely made this decision to appease Suicunes paltry maximum combat power, which determines a Pokemon's strength. Entei can be caught with a strong max CP of 1930, Raikou with an equally powerful 1913 CP, and Suicune coming in last with a sad max of 1613 CP.

While trainers wait for the special versions of the Legendary beasts to enter the game, Niantic has shared its [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] will be rolling out a staggered launch on September 6th. For this new feature, the team wanted to get player feedback first to modify how it will play out upon its official launch. Trainers can expect to see powerful Pokemon like the Legendary Mewtwo in the special battles.

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I'm hoping to get a shiny entei that's my favourite dog, even if I don't get a shiny one I'll be happy with him

Thanks again for sharing
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