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nice video, thats also my favorite sniper
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I've using this sniper since I unlocked it and I think it's a great weapon. Would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes sniping.
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This sniper is actually OP compared to the other snipers!
I use it every time I play WW2

Also nice video man! Keep it up
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Haven't really tired to much sniping but going to have to set up a mountain man class with this sniper!
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Its definitely an overpowered sniper even more with FMJ but they cant reduce much damage as it wont work as well if you think about it it has constant sway and no option to hold breathe, if they reduce damage you might aswell use the other snipers as you can hold breathe with them
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As the member above said, it's much more op with FMJ.

I've used it a few times and the gun is insane.
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