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Redout Official Launch TrailerPosted:

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Redout Official Launch Trailer

Redout is a stylish, futuristic racer bringing back the speed and vertigo of genuine arcade racing -- get in the ship and slam that throttle. From the first moment, you will feel the enormous amount of power coming from your engine. Hovering a few meters above the ground going over 800 km/h is no piece of cake. Theres no racing on rails here: each input will apply a physical force to your ship. This means you will feel every turn and every twist in the track. From dirty suburban environments, to eerie frozen landscapes, to vast desert plains, get ready for some seriously fast action in some seriously beautiful environments.
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Holy! This reminds me of an old N64 game I once played and also reminds me of Fast RMX on the nintendo switch I may pick this up for nostalgia purposes lmao
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The game brings me memories of an old ass game i played when i was a kid. God damn that was fun.

Thanks for the share, <3
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This game reminds me of a really old PS2 game can't seem to remember the game, DAMIT!!
The graphics looks awesome and a very fast pasted game for sure.
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Kinda reminds me of this video i saw on FB where this guy hits the course perfectly.

Looks playable.
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