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Destiny 2s First DLC Details Reportedly LeakPosted:

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Bungie and Activision have touted Destiny 2 as more than just a standard sequel, with the developer and publisher both promising more robust gameplay and story-driven content than we ever saw in the first game, and plans to expand the narrative even further after launch.

Well, the games hasnt even released yet, but we may already know a whole lot more about what that post-launch content will entail. Kotaku just published an [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] citing anonymous sources claiming to reveal a great deal of information about Destiny 2s first DLC, reportedly called The Curse of Osiris.

According to the report, The Curse of Osiris will release sometime in December 2017. Included will be a new patrol zone will based on the planet Mercury and a new social space set in the Lighthouse, the location reachable by those who mastered the first Destinys Trials of Osiris.

We know Nessus is the main Vex-controlled planet in Destiny 2s main game, but it seems the robotic enemies are still chilling on Mercury, too. The players main goal in the DLC will reportedly be to save Osiris from them.

In April, the [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] included a banner featuring the symbol of Osiris to represent the first DLC. This obviously lends further support to the new sources claims being true, but it could easily work in reverse, too: Someone could have known about the banner and provided false info to Kotaku that lined up with it. Still, the writer of the report, Jason Schreier, has a long history of accurate scoops, so its safe to assume this is the real deal until we have reason to believe otherwise.

Its only a matter of time before Bungie and Activision share official news on the DLC, especially if its launching so soon after the main game.

The major criticism of the first Destiny came down to its lack of story, which the games first DLC pack, The Dark Below, attempted to remedy. If the leak turns out to be true, the fact that Bungie already has an expansion ready to go could mean the team has enough substance surrounding the story to reveal plot points and lore outside of the main campaign and into quests like The Curse of Osiris. Adding more hope, the team did also reveal in a recent interview that over 80 missions will be available outside of the campaign to add more gameplay content and additional story threads.

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I do like launch DLC im not gonna lie. Gives players a nice addition right off the bat. This game will have to have DLC updates fairly regularly not to get boring. As it will die otherwise.
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