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I have hit 200 rep...Posted:

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Motto: Nick is my shopping cart friend Wizard has hit another Milestone.

I have yet hit another milestone and this one is 200 rep . My last milestone i hit a while back was 1,000 posts *16 days to be exact* I was happy about and then I hit 100 rep *17 days ago* and I was also happy about that and now I have hit 200 REP .

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A big thanks to most of the people in the ShoutBox

Mainly I want to thank -
Tricks - For all the rep you gave me yesterday

Cent - For finishing me off to get 200 rep

Mikey - For repping me just to be in my thanks list

Chris - For all that rep yesterday

Obi-Wan - For being a good friend and helping me achieve 200rep *I also beat you to it *

pleb - For the rep yes I seen it so you are now in my thanks list

Craig - Sorry can't use your name colour but deal with it . You made it on my thanks list because you finally repped me .

If I missed anyone sorry but don't get butt hurt you are under the 'Thanks ShoutBox'

Have a good rest of your day/night people <3

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The Following 11 Users Say Thank You to Wizard For This Useful Post:

RepBandit (09-03-2017), Craig (09-03-2017), Lily (08-29-2017), Decy (08-29-2017), Mickers (08-29-2017), Bis (08-29-2017), Mikey (08-29-2017), Kyle (08-27-2017), dah (08-27-2017), Xbox (08-27-2017), pleb (08-27-2017)
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Congrats on hitting 200 rep, fella. Here's to more.
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well done bud congrats
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I am blessed to be in this thank list
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Congrats on 200 rep fam.

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Congrats on your 200 rep, see you at 300 rep sometime soon. Keep it up.
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Congrats on 200 man ill catch up to you dont worry congrats friend
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Well done mate
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Grats on the cheese man, and thanks for adding my to your thanks list
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