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What Famous People Have You Met?Posted:

  • Winter 2017
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I'm curious to know who you guys have met, that are relatively known/famoooos.
If you have any pictures as evidence then show them too!

I myself have met a couple of people, a bunch of footballers etc..
But the two biggest happen to be actors, I myself do quite a bit of acting and got to meet:

[ Register or Signin to view external links. ] , you may know of him from Pirates of the Caribbean. I met him at a meet and greet/Q&A earlier this year.
[ Register or Signin to view external links. ] , you may know him from a bunch of movies liek fast 6 or something. He went to my school as a kid and came back to meet some aspiring actors or some shit. But yeah.
So, let me know who you've met!
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I have met the 4 jokers from the [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]
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50 cent back in November 23rd 2016 or 15 for a late bday present. Asked him to tweet to me, didn't happen.

He's always been my idol when I grew up.
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I met a tosser once the name of. (Andy from Little Britain)

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I guess I am famous, a video of me on the internet racked up like 30 million views and it was on the show ridiculousness with Rob Derdek.

Other than that I have met a couple famous skiers, as I am a competitive skier myself. I might have met other famous people, but honestly I am really tired and can't really think right now. Oh, and a friend of mine has 50k followers on Insta, idk if that counts.
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Selena Gomez was passing in through london and i managed to say hi and grab one picture.

That's about it,
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Chandler Riggs
Sarah Wayne Callies
Jon Bernthal
Lennie James
Steven Yeun
IronE Singleton
Jeryl Sales
Michael Rooker
Emma Bell
Emily Kinney
Scott Wilson
David Morrisey
Chad Coleman
Lawrence Gillard Jr
Alanna Masterson
Josh McDermitt
Michael Cudlitz
Ross Marquand
Michael Traynor
Alexandra Breckenridge
Khary Payton
Giancarlo Esposito
Kevin Conroy

I probably missed a few
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The 5 guys in A Day to Remember
Troy Tulowitzski(Baseball) is a family friend and a bunch of the Giants players during events & world series parades
Real Friends, Falling in Reverse, A Skylit Drive, Woe is Me...Just a bunch of bands at Warped Tour.
Had a really cool conversation with the singer of neck deep at warped tour

Edit: Also a bunch of pro skaters... most of the enjoi team, the foundation team, Corey Duffel

and a bunch of Halo pros in game - Formal would be the most popular, then ninja and snipedown and pistola

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Alexis Texas
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met kelly slater quite a few times and actually grew up with his daughter.
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