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Do y'all believe?Posted:

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So I'm curious if you guys believe in ghostly spirits. I got this idea to post this from two occasions. One where i was riding late at night and i went by this known ritual shed in the middle of the woods with a bunch of 666 stuff all over it and heard a screeching noise and the second time was when me and a friend were in my truck listening to music and heard a tapping noise on the window and saw a shadow life figure
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yeah but I'm not going into specifics though.
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Nope, never seen any evidence of it myself or had any compelling scientific study give me enough reason to.

The standard of evidence most people set for a claim like this is far too low in my opinion.
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Nope I don't like at all...
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No, doesn't make any sense to me. I believe that once you die, you're just gone. There's just no way you can logically explain ghosts.
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I have had my own experiences with some unexplainable events. Just because I couldn't explain them, that doesn't mean that they weren't more natural events though. I am open to the idea, but I'm not jumping on it until there is evidence backing it by real scientists.
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I want to believe in them, but at the same time it's kinda hard too. I have had many experiences with super natural occurrences. But it could have been my imagination as well.
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I believe yeah, same way I believe other life forms but you can never elaborate cause people get salty on here cause you're not on the same page. But yeah I believe in spirits and stuff
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In my house, the opinion on the existence of spectres and spirits is divided.

My mother says she's seen two appearances in her lifetime. One time was in my old house, where she was sleeping and what she says seemed to be an angel, was standing at the edge of the bed and said "Do not be alarmed, I am not here to harm you" and then quickly disappeared.

The second time, she was also sleeping and then she felt the door of the room open so she woke up; she said what seemed to be an older gentleman was walking across the room, not even looking around the room and just walked across the room and went through the wall, never to be seen again.

My dad is skeptical on the whole ghosts/spirits things and he says that she was just dreaming, seeing as how every time she's experience these appearances, it has been whenever she's sleeping. My dad believes that we aren't alone in this big universe but he doesn't believe that we aren't the only ones on this planet, he doesn't believe that we're "actually living among the spirits of the dead". I personally haven't seen enough VALID evidence about the existence of ghosts but there's always one side of me that believes in ghosts and gets creeped out everytime I walk past the two cemeteries that are close to my neighborhood, seeing as how I jog during the night.
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yes 100%
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