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What can i do to spiff up my first car?Posted:

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Im not all about cars but i know a good chunk of stuff.

Im 16 and i just got my first car about a week ago. I was wondering what could i do it to make it sound mean and maybe i can put some money into it maybe something to make it get up and go faster. any responses will be appreciated and noted.

name of the car is below.

Car: Pontiac Vibe 2003 model
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Just googled the car since we don't have those in Europe. I laughed for a minute, looks like a family SUV.

You can modify it however you want, I can't imagine aftermarket parts to be easily accessible for that car though. If you're not mechanically inclined I just recommend wheels, tyres, suspension, interior and exterior mods. Don't bother fiddling with engine performance on that heap of shit lol.
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Wouldn't bother spending money on the engine, you could get an exhaust system and a set of alloys lol
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plasti-dip everything.

kidding do not do that. get alloys and look on ebay for like headlights, exhaust.
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Honestly the only thing I can think of (and it's not my style) is to lower it with a wide body kit and a big wang on the back.

Honestly though, enjoy the vehicle for what it is. My first truck I bought for $5k, put $10k into it making it what I wanted over the course of 3 years and sold it for $5k. Whenever you modify a vehicle, you will like the modification but sometimes it gets old and it's refreshing to get into a stock vehicle again. If I were you just leave it stock, maybe get some wheels and an exhaust (just a muffler to start) and leave it. Let this car be the one to allow you to get to work and back and get up enough cash to but the car you actually want. That's what I did, I sold my first truck and bought a little 2013 Ford Fusion that I hated but insurance was cheap, fuel economy was good, and it was reliable so I was able to save up enough money for the truck I really wanted and now I own a 2006 F-250 King Ranch.
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Wouldn't do anything to that car.

Save your money until you get something thats actually worth doing something to.

Just ride it out man but if it gets you to A and B, right now thats all that should matter at your age.
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Dont bother, it would be a waste of money.

Use this car to get you from A to B, use it to drive to work or whatever and just save in till you can afford something that is worth upgrading.
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Sell it
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I really wouldn't bother in spending too much into it, but put that money into another car once you are able to get what you want
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Honestly i like rain guards specially when its raining obviously thats the point but if you do decide to purchase.

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