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Impossible dream during a fever?Posted:

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Hello TTG,

Yesterday I got vaccination, and at night I was really bad, it was so hot in my room and I was shaking etc. because it felt like I was really cold. I was trying to sleep at night and managed to fall asleep, it was one of the weirdest impossible dream that I ever had, I can't explain what it is but I'll try my hardest. I would wake up every 5 minutes with a shake, I was trying to do something impossible. It was like this cube, and I was getting answers from it but it was giving me the same answer. It kept looping. It's sort of like a dublication cube. I was putting it numbers and all the times it came back the same. I would wake up sweating and my mind and body would tell me to go back and finish what I was doing. I was in the dream loop for past 6 hours waking up every 5 minutes.

What is this? Has anyone else ever encountered this?

I remember when I was younger and I have a similar dream. But it was more horrifying. I had a massive fever and when I was sleeping, I would wake up in my dream, I would see myself sleeping. In the dream, I'm really really small, like a toothpick. And there was this massive black ball. And I would die in my dream because the ball killed me, I would wake up in tears and I remember my mum used to comfort me. I would go back to sleep and the dream loop would continue.

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Yeah fever dreams are horrible. I remember having pretty weird dreams. Can't really remember any but some were scary and others were just all over the place.
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I've had night tremors before, but not what you've had. Although the dreams are similar to how you described, the affects are worse.
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If you believe your dream's mean something try searching it you might find something about it. Fever dream's always cause the weirdest dream's IMO but sometime's I find it interesting to think your brain made up such a thing
Hope your fever's have calmed down!
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trust its nothing compared to dreaming about laying in your bed and then waking up and then still wondering if youre dreaming or not.

You then get up and have a normal day and then you wake up for real

happened to me when I was ill
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Fever dreams are the absolute worse, they're not your common "falling and waking up before I hit the ground" nightmare. You'll be constantly shaking and sweating, even within the dream itself.

These dreams are the unfortunate collision of two complex body functions - dreams and fevers. I can't speak much about it since I don't think I've ever had to go through this but I can imagine how terrible the constant loop of the dream must have been.

The only thing worse than that, that I can imagine, is the widely known "dream paralysis". I hope you get better though.
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It's just a dream that continued where you left off lol
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You may have been Lucid Dreaming.

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This is actually very facisnating. I love hearing about weird dreams people had becuase it can often times give a big insight into the minds of the person who had the dream.

With this dream however, i feel it was chemical induced. Vacines are loaded with many chemicals
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when I was younger I had very bad night terrors were I would wake up screaming and crying and it just felt horrible. Also I remember this one dream when I was sick when I was younger. I was flying around with these huge cubes like you explained but I was floating around in a very dark place and if I hit one of these cubes I would die. And it was the freakiest dream I've ever had. It like scared me for life. Lol hope you get well bud. I don't think you have anything to worry about. It's normal to feel this way when you are ill.
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