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COD WW2 Confirms Emblem Editor, PPSh Submachine Gun, & MorePosted:

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More in-game content and feature sets were confirmed for Call of Duty: WWII through a slew of tweets by Sledgehammer Games co-founder Michael Condrey. The upcoming Call of Duty title will have an Emblem Editor, the classic COD2 run-and-gun PPSh-41, and may have cut Steady Aim from the series' set of perks.

Call of Duty's Emblem Editor existed in the series since the original Black Ops, though every iteration of COD refined the way you unlock your layers or choices. For the last three Call of Duty titles, you could unlock new emblem features by leveling, completing challenges, or acquiring them from through the Black Market.

Sledgehammer isn't ready to showcase their Emblem Editor during the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One betas, so we won't know how they've adjusted the emblem progression system.

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Aside from the Emblem Editor, Condrey also confirmed the PPSh-41 for Call of Duty: WWII. Assuming the weapon would be included in the coming title was a fairly safe bet considering the historical setting, and the fact that the weapon's been featured in several series titles since the original Call of Duty.

In both Call of Duty 1 and 2, the PPSh had a magazine capacity of 71 bullets, but was later scaled back in multiplayer with the newer titles, topping off at 35 rounds. You could boost your ammo count with attachments, but the weapon was not the dominant run-and-gun machine as it once was.

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During the multiplayer beta, we'll get to see if Sledgehammer Games decided to keep true to the weapon's natural ammo count, or if they stick with the lower 35 round count to maintain better game balance.

Lastly, it appears Steady Aim is not available in Call of Duty: WWII.

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Sledgehammer revamped the perk system entirely with WWII's new Divisions feature, though you'll still have the ability to choose your own playstyle. Each Division features its own Division Training and Skills, but we've only seen glimpses of what they might be.

Call of Duty: WWII enters its beta first for PS4 on August 25, and on September 1 on both consoles.

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Nice to see old things that people liked in previous CODs are returning. Can't wait for the game, it's looking great so far.
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Was just about to make this thread, you beat me to it

Thanks for the update man, the hype for this game is unreel.
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Glad to see that this COD may not be entirely bad!
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