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Destiny 2 DLC Available Through Rockstar Energy DrinksPosted:

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Destiny 2 DLC codes will be available through an unusual channel: Rockstar Energy Drinks.

Like the Red Bull partnership Bungie and Activision set up for the original Destiny, this promotion serves as a way to market Destiny 2 to the masses, as well as provide a way for fans to earn some in-game gear. The cans themselves are branded with Destiny 2 logos and depict different guardians without their helmets.

Bungie has yet to officially reveal the promotion, but theres no doubt that its legit. Rockstar has opened up a support page, presumably in case any fans have trouble redeeming their codes and to clarify the terms of the promotion. On top of that, fans have already spotted cans in the wild. YouTuber Mesa Sean created a video with a compilation of pictures of these cans, which you can see below.

Fan speculation from looking at the cans states that these codes wont be redeemable until September 1st. Well probably have to wait for Bungies announcement to confirm that, but since Destiny 2 isnt out yet, youre not missing out on anything by being unable to redeem codes in the meantime.

Destiny 2 releases September 6th for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and October 24th for PC.

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uwu (08-01-2017)
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great time to switch from monster to rockstar for a bit thanks
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I didn't quite feel this game fit the hype from the first trailer that was released, at least from the standpoint of a beta tester.

The first portion that was released in the beta to the populace was good, the story seems like it's going to be great. The multiplayer? A whole different story.

I honestly don't believe a Monster Energy drink promotion will get some people interested into the game, since I read some people disliked the multiplayer from the beta alone. Of course, it's a beta and still has some kinks to deal with.
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Not of fan of this. I personally enjoy Monster energy drinks more than Redbull so I would've preferred it the other way around.
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