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so I'm buying this 4 letter tag from some guy I met on Xbox, I saw him using the tag on bo2 and I instantly wanted it so i messaged him and now we are talking on kik.

He says the he won't go first, and won't use goods and services, only friends and family.

I understand his point of view and he understands mine.

Until he said this "Also, if we do this deal just send the payment on a vpn. That way it will be unauthorized in a way, will make it 100% easier"

I'm not sure if that would mean anything but someone please back me up on this, is it safe or nah

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ignore it, if he scams you and you pay thorugh friends and family you cant get your money back.

Reason he will only take friends and family because you can't charge back if he scams you. that's the first X, second reason, he wants a vpn so When he does scam and then you try and charge back, it'll be from another location and it makes it twice as hard.

Never do deals though friends and family unless you've gotten your item first.
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I would not proceed with this. I understand why he wouldn't want to accept the payment as goods and services, but he's just some random guy you found online so you don't know anything about him. Look in the gold section on here, you might be able to find something
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Back out of that deal now. No gamertag is worth being scammed for; I understand wanting to have an OG gamertag, I really do but this deal seems way too fishy especially the part about sending the payment through a VPN.
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Sounds sketchy as **** I would not go through with the deal.
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obvious scam. he doesnt want to pay through goods its obvious hes scamming.
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Seems very fishy to me. I would stay clear if I was you
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Sketch as ****.

Don't proceed
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i wouldnt do it. most likely a scammer if he is saying all this. what is the tag?
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sounds really sketchy man
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