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1000 News comments FINALLYPosted:

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After forever i finally got 1k news comments

Im such a spammer lol.

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Next milestones will be 400 rep and 4k posts.

so yeah thats it bye

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#2. Posted:
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Congratulations. You spammer.
#3. Posted:
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Congrats I've been trying to get this badge for a while but seems like everytime I feel like I'm close I've got like 4 more posts XD
#4. Posted:
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Congrats, can't believe you waited 110 minutes to post tonight smh
#5. Posted:
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Congrats on hitting 1,000 news comments.

Good luck on hitting 4K posts and 400 rep
#6. Posted:
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Congrats on the news comments milestone. I'm 1/5 of the way there!
#7. Posted:
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Congrats my dood.
#8. Posted:
  • Vantage
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Congratulations my boa ) I knew you had it
#9. Posted:
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grats i know you have been working hard on this one
#10. Posted:
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Jesus christ the spam, what the hell. 110 comments in a day jeez

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