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whats your favouritePosted:

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Tv series-


Mine are-

Fast and furious Tokyo drift

Call of duty

Breaking bad

Xbox one
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Film: Saving Private Ryan
Game: pretty much any game in the CoD series except the recent ones.
TV series: The Office
Console: Xbox One
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Very hard to choose as there are so many movies I can think of but you kinda put me on the spot so....

Film - Titanic

Game - Call Of Duty World At War

Tv series - Breaking Bad

Console - Xbox One X Xbox One
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Film- her/kill bill

Game- ratchet and clank 1

Tv series- hunter x hunter or for you normal people big bang theory or rick and morty

Console- ps2
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Film- Lord of the rings trilogy

Game- Call of Duty: Ghost

Tv series- Sons of anarchy

Console- xbox 360
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Film - Logan

Game - Red Dead Redemption

Tv series - I don't watch much TV.

Console - Xbox 360
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Film- Too many to choose from. I'm a film guy

Game- GTA IV back in the day

Tv series- Rick & Morty

Console- PC atm 360 back in my gaming days
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Film- F&F Tokyo Drift

Game- MW3

Tv series- Rick and Morty

Console- Xbox 360
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Film- Hacksaw Ridge

Game- MW2

Tv series- Rick and Morty

Console- Nintendo 64
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Film- The Dark Knight.Favourite Anime film-Spirited away

Game- Skyrim

Tv series- Game of thrones or The walking dead.Anime would probably be Hunter x Hunter 2011 if you count that

Console- PC probably but back in the day it would have been the ps2 or xbox 360
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