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So I did the Drive By Dunk Challenge... (VIDEO)Posted:

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Hey TTG, haven't posted in a bit. I recently filmed myself in various locataions that had a basketball goal while I was out on the town dunking. Derrick Jones Jr, De'aaron Fox, and Jaylen Brown are some NBA players to drive by on some unexcepted homes to showcase their world class dunking abilities.

Here's my drive by dunk challenge compilation lmao enjoy it I know you will:
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Ik my white boy hops are evident some more calf raises squats and deadlifts for a couple weeks will hopefully have me yamming easy on 10 ft.

Thanks for reading let me know your thoughts on my video, if you've seen the NBA players epic throw downs, or if you think you'd be brave enough to make your own and reply it to this thread. - NCAAFOOTBALL 13 - outro!

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Lmao that was nice to watch.

Wish I could dunk.

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Nice video mate, better skills than what ill ever have lol
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Who started this trend anyways? you go and record yourself doing dunk shots even though it's not your property to dunk in? If so fair enough. Sounds fun to do.
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This is a "trend" that I hope doesn't catch on
Anyway, nice video. Was a bit funny to watch I guess
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These drive-by dunk challenges are always incredibly funny to watch, especially the person getting dunked on's reaction. I've seen the NBA stars dunk challenges and I've laughed my ass off with all of them.
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I've never drank that much.
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Oh shittt this is sickkk lmfaooo nice man!
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nice video dude
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uhh ok
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