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Will we be Safe?

66.67% (6 votes)
33.33% (3 votes)

Total Votes: 9

Are we safe from North Korea's Ballistic Missile?!Posted:

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What do you think about this? North Korea said they will obliterate the U.S.
They are able to hit major cities Los Angeles D.C Boston Denver.
Please post what you think about this topic. Lets see whats happening and are we safe?
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K calm down already. I swear these always pop up in the news articles every time North Korea is mentioned.

North Korea has been claiming for the longest of time they would wipe away the Americans and for years have been claiming they will nuke the Americans. They have not done so and will not do so. First and foremost, the American's Missile Defense Shield is not some shitty tech that wouldn't be able to stop something from North Korea; America's tech isn't 30 something years behind like North Korea's is. If the American's had some shitty missile defense system, North Korea would be the least of your worries when it comes to missiles or a nuclear strike. The ONLY ones that have to worry are South Korea and maybe Japan. America is or already has set THAAD defenses in South Korea in case of an attempted missile strike. Japan has their own missile defense, which I believe America has some of theirs in there too (someone feel free to correct me on that if I'm wrong.) Both South Korea and Japan said they would shoot down any missiles from North Korea if they're targeted at a country - this was back in 2013 when North Korea was blasting non-stop about nuking America, I guarantee South Korea and Japan stand by this response and would do the same.

All North Korea is going to do is throw a tantrum again, they'll stop for a while then start back up. No North Korea's allies aren't going to do anything to help them. Both China and Russia have told them to knock it off, with the Chinese even starting to cut back on their coal and instead buying coal from the Americans. North Korea will eventually build a nuclear deterrent, there's no arguing that. However once that happens, all that does is put pressure on other Asian countries as North Korea can now threaten to try and nuke one of them, if they don't get their way. South Korea again, would be the one that needs to worry the most, because Kim seems like the type of person to drop nukes on his own country because there is one spy in his country from an enemy nation. On top of that, it just further enables to North Korean dictatorship on their people, as they're pretty much untouchable at that point.

And no, killing him won't stop anything. Someone worse will just take power and toppling the North Korea regime would kill off most of a whole country because they have been basically brainwashed into thinking Americans are the pure forum of vile and evil, so forget about trying to help those people in any reasonable time frame. Doubt most of them would want any help from Western nations in the first place.

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Everytime I hear this question I chuckle like god honestly do you know how many times they have threatened the US and haven't done anything, I am not even a slight bit concerned about them or three being able to launch a missle towards us because there's to many factors as to why they won't do it number one is NATO number 2 is surrounding countries such as Canada and Mexico may suffer from the nuclear fallout so if they were to attack us it would be a big mistake on their end.
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North Korea has threatened to bomb various countries in the past few years and they've still to do anything. All of these missile launches are all "shows of force", nothing else; if they wanted to really cause harm, they would have done much more than "shows of force" by now.

The only way they'd manage to hit the U.S, is if the whole defense grid flopped and suddenly crashed. Calm down.
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I agree with everyone that commented before me because man as many times as North Korea has threatened the US and yet nothing has happen I fairly believe that we will be safe from it but they most likely won't launch that missile I mean we'd be if war rn if they would've launched things the other couples times they have said they will.
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I think we will be just fine tbh
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All of a sudden I love the UK and where I live
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The east coast is. That's for damn sure.
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