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Hey everybody the names Distribution! This is my first time making an account on here so i just wanted to come and introduce myself here. I do have a bit of a purpose on here, I'm setting a new goal for myself to introduce myself to new community and meet new people since i plan on entering into the world of design. So my hopes here are to be able to help people with design, grow my skills, and meet new people to game with during the off time. I hope i am welcome

Sincerely, Distribution-

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Folk (08-01-2017), ZTG (07-31-2017), LGW (07-30-2017), nolanberollin (07-30-2017), Xbox (07-30-2017), Mikey (07-29-2017), Kyle (07-29-2017), uwu (07-29-2017)
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  • Christmas!
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hey hope you enjoy your time here
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Welcome to TTG, Distribution! Glad to see you're wanting to meet new people on here.

Make sure to check out the Graphics forum Forums/f=116/graphics-forum.html so you can look around and see how others are in graphic designs.

Here's the benefits of Gold, if you're ever going to be interested in getting it:

Enjoy your stay here.
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Welcome to TTG
Hope to see you around man Enjoy
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Welcome to the site mate, hope to see you around the forums.
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Welcome to the site.

Enjoy your time here.
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Welcome to this site, see you around the forums and try your very best to stay active. Have a good time here.
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  • Winter 2017
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Welcome to the site buddy. Keep active and check out the benefits of being a gold member if you're wanting to stay active!

Feel free to PM me if you need anything.
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Welcome to the site!
Be sure to have a look around the Graphics section it's pretty easy to get into learning and improving is the hard part!
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  • V5 Launch
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Welcome to the site. Hope you enjoy it
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