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100 rep finally!!!Posted:

  • Christmas!
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Hey all, just reached my first 100 rep. It's taken me long enough to eventually get this but here I am. Been back active for a couple months and loving ever second.

Big thanks to LS7 and Adam for pushing me over the finish line. Also a big thanks to all you shoutbox lot. Best thing about this site.

See you all at my next milestone.

I'd make this post look a bit better but I'm on mobile soooo... this'll have to do!

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Mortar (08-01-2017), Nik (07-29-2017), Mikey (07-29-2017), Xbox (07-29-2017), Gavin- (07-29-2017)
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  • Ninja
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Grats on your first 100 rep m8 , onto 200 now see ya in the shoutbox
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Congrats on your first 100 rep.
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Congrats on your first cheese block. You'll be at 200 rep in no time, you're also closing in on 800 posts and then 1K Rainmaker.
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Bigs grats to you mate, on getting your very first cheese block, now time to stack those cheese blocks up soon
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Congrats on hitting
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Congrats on 100 rep
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No problem and congrats on hitting 100 rep cya at 200 rep
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Congrats on your rep milestone.
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Congratulations on reaching 100 reputation. Cheese blocks are nice.
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