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Britain's Got Talent star dead.Posted:

  • E3 2017
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If you ever glanced your eye's over to the TV while Britain's got talent you may remember the street dancing group "Diversity" who won Britain's Got Talent in 2009.
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Robert Anker a member of group Diversity, Star of Strictly Come Dancing and Bring it on has died in a car accident at the age of 27 in Canada where he moved to build a life with his wife since September gone.

Diversity's winning act 2009:

More on this accident here:
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Never nice to see people pass away, especially so young.

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Jesus man, 27 is no age to die at.
So many people are dying recently (Chester Bennington, Chris Cornell)
Hoping the guys family and friends pull through.
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Damn, this is shocking news to hear at the age of 27 way to young, RIP. Hope hope his wife get threw this and I know how it feels like to loose of a friend/family member.
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This is why I try to live every day to the limit.
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Wow. So sad to hear.
He was so young & had his whole life ahead of him. What a tragedy
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Damn I remember seeing these win, R.I.P bro so sad how he was so young too
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Wow man this horrible such a young man with many more years to go sucks to see things like happen to young people out here in Chicago young rap artist little kids get killed everyday.
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