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Spam bots on Xbox?Posted:

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Is anyone else getting random users adding them and messaging you? I've been getting random users messaging me that our bots asking for my name and age. I was wondering if this is happening to anyone else
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This hasn't happened to me, but it's possible someone posted your gamertag somewhere online as a little joke.
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My brother has been getting these too... just block them
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I got one also, seems their just mass friending and messaging people, Just told them I was 11 XD
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Been happening to me as well I usually ask them something stupid and they quit
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I got a random message from somebody who "was searching for friends" on a supposed list of some sort. I just blocked him immediately and moved on.
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I just got some removed

Type "...." without quotes

And finish their scripts
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heard about this going on but it hasnt happened to me yet
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It's happening to a lot of players. Just ignore them & block them.
They're just annoying, nothing more
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