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So when I offer modding services, should I go with Goods & Services?
Because I want to avoid getting scammed
But if I'm the seller, will the buyer see my address once he/she pays with Goods & Services?
Because I afraid that the buyer will see my address
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I don't believe they can see your address. If you are the seller, family and friends is the best way to go IMO. Because prevents chargebacks. Now in the case if you were the buyer, buying modified items through family and friends, and let's say you get scammed? It's going to be tough getting your money back. Listed in the PayPal rules and regulations that you can't get money back after making a purchase through family and friends. But I'm pretty sure there's a way around that after you call and tell your situation. Wish your best of luck though, hope I answered some of your questions.
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Why don't you take payment first, for goods and services. Doing that gives the buyer some protection too, highly doubt they'll be able to see your address.
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no they wont see your address. if you choose to have them pay by goods id suggest increasing your prices just little bit as paypal takes a fee from you when people pay in goods, unless you can get them to send payment as friends and family then there is no fees.
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Friends & Family will help you avoid the famous "chargebacks" that some customers (the stupid ones) tend to do. With Friends & Family, you also avoid having fees added since you're a "business".

Always tell your customers to send as "Friends & Family", you'll avoid a few headaches.
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friends and family is what i do
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If you accept payment as Goods and Services you better ship something to their address and provide a tracking number to paypal. Or after a few transactions your account will be limited until you prove you have shipped their item that they purchased, or you will have to prove what type of service was done.

If you are doing modding services, only accept payment as friends and family if you get a payment as a goods and services refund and have them send again as f/f. Your not selling candy out a candy box, paypal does not approve of what you are selling and they will terminate your account if your caught doing what you do.

Source, been using paypal for 9 years now. Been permanently banned from paypal under my actual name ; i learned things the hard way.. Paypal is dope though especially if you utilize their paypal business debit card. which i believe is offered to any verified paypal account.

Good news is there is always ways around things lol
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They don't see your address
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