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Introducting StockportDankPosted:

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Hi everyone, I thought I'd finally make some type of introduction because after all I should be using this site quite abit!

I've known about thetechgame for year(s) since I first come about modding/hacking or just anything to bypass something, I was intrested! I'm a former member of HF, LF, FK, XMB (Horizon), S7s and a few other forums! But i've not been about in awhile! But was known as Stickle!

Well anyways, I'm back on the scenes! and bring you some good Black Ops 2 Modmenu's for FREE! I have afew preloaded on my HDD so all i need to do is load up the Default_MP.xex and boom I'm ready to go!

Basic Infomation;

My name is Jack, and I'm from a place called Stockport in Manchester (England) (I'm a British Phag) I live with my misses and our son, I'm a self tought computer programer since the age of 11, and I'm now 21! so 10 years roughly of exp! (HTML, PHP, C#, C++, Python, Java, JS, SQL and alittle Ruby.

I own a Falcon RGH 1.2 and a retailed Xbox Elite both HDD 120gb plus a 2tb USB

I also own an instagram called; StockportDank (Not sure if allowed to post this but yolo)

I sleep like im american, or sometimes not at all, so my sleeping pattern is alittle messed up!

I have a big bushy beard

Also, I suffer with EUPD/BPD (Emotinally Unstabled Split Personility Disorder / Borderline Spit Personility Disorder) because I've had a kinda bad upbringing, and brought myself up, that's why I turned to computers, it's what I know! but if you seen me you wouldn't think I'm a geeky/nerd! I've always been a money maker, dell boy trotter (only fool and horses) and I've full of wisdom! I've done alot in my life, and I'm 21! Been homeless, seen people die, trusted the wrong people, ran away, come back, alot of mad sh*t.

I tend to get along with alot of people, and I was a big troll at one point where I would just cause havok, under the allies of Stickle! or PhychoStickle and few names to be honest, and spent along time in the deep/dark web! I have a thing I live by called; Respect for Respect! and I trust alot of people at first glance but once it's gone, it's gone and I'm the defenition of a Cee U Next Tuesday! if you know what I mean!

Basically, this is me! I could woffle all day, but why don't you tell me alittle about yourself? that's if you read too this part and havn't already put the basic introduction! (Hi and welcome, check out the rules and have a good day type of message!)

Thanks for reading, and nice to meet you!

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Welcome to TTG, Stockport. Very nice Introduction you gave us there and I've seen you around the Forums being active a bit. I hope to keep seeing you around here.
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Welcome to ttg, enjoy your stay here
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Welcome to the site man, Hope to see you around the forums!
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Welcome to the site mate
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This has got to be one of my favourite Introduce yourself posts. Welcome to the site bigman
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Welcome to the site man, very good introduction +Rep. Hope to see you around
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Welcome to TTG! Hope to see you around the forums. Join us in the Shoutbox sometime!
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Welcome to the site bro, really nice introduction.
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