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Is The variety map pack work itPosted:

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So I'm thinking of buying the map pack as it's only £7.53 at the moment and I was just wondering is it worth getting or will it just be a waste of time
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I've never played any of the maps. They're really not necessary in the game and since WWII is coming out in a few months, there would really be no point.

But seeing as how they're so cheap for you right now and you wanna try new maps, go for it. You'll realize if you like them or hate them eventually.
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There isn't anything new to them besides updated graphics obviously. If you played COD4 back in the day and had the map pack, it's the same thing. If you've never played the maps, just go ahead and look at some gameplay online and you might be able to determine if it's worth getting. For that price though, I would get it.
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I own them and personally I love them.
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I'd just save up for WWII tbh
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